What’s the Difference Between Good and Bad Links?

When you have links pointing to your law firm s website, you may automatically assume that it s a good thing. But this isn t always the case. In fact, some links end up harming your website and can diminish your rankings. In this type of situation, you ll want to disavow those unwanted backlinks, which you can learn [ ] The post What s the Difference Between Good and Bad Links? appeared first on Best Legal Practices.


SEO 2015 – Local SEO

Local SEO can mean the difference between clients walking in your law firm s doors, and sitting idly by watching the days pass by. There are ways, however, that you can utilize local SEO to its fullest potential, and fairly easy ones, too. Let s take a look at what you should consider your 2015 local SEO [ ] The post SEO 2015 Local SEO appeared first on .