Forget Ranking #1 – Reach Position 0 with Featured Snippets

It used to be that number one was all legal marketers could ever hope to attain in search engine results. But things have changed. Now your ultimate goal should be to reach position 0. Wait, is that even possible? Actually it is. What Google means by position 0 is ranking for featured snippets, which appear [ ] The post Forget Ranking #1 Reach Position 0 with Featured Snippets appeared first on Best Legal Practices.


The Importance of Pet Planning; Don’t Forget Your Furry Heirs!

Anyone who thinks that Americans don’t focus an extraordinary amount of money, time, and energy on their pets simply hasn’t been paying attention. By most estimates, the people of the United States spend tens of billions of dollars each year on food, grooming, clothing, veterinary services, and a host of other amenities for the country’s roughly 400 million pets including $58 billion in 2014 alone. To put that into context, that amount represented about five times what American spent at the box office that year! Obviously, our pets mean a lot to us. For many Americans, a pet is [Read more…] The post The Importance of Pet Planning; Don t Forget Your Furry Heirs! appeared first on Frank & Kraft, Attorneys at Law.